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# SDT Build System
This document describes the SDT build system and how to build the SDT and validate new contributions.

The files referenced in this document point to version **3.0** of the SDT.

## Directory Structure and Important Files
- [SDT/schema3.0/](../..) : Base directory
- [SDT/schema3.0/src/](../src/) : Source files of the SDT.
	- [domain.rng](../src/domain.rng) : RELAX NG file with the SDT schema definition. This is the source file that is converted to the actual schema definition *domain.xsd* during the build. See also [](  
	**Only edit this file when one wants to make changes to the SDT!**
	- [domain.xsd](../src/domain.xsd) : The SDT schema definition that is generated from *domain.rng*.
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	- [xml.xsd](../src/xml.xsd) : General schema definitions for the SDT
- [SDT/schema3.0/test/](../test/) : This directory contains all XML files with SDT definitions that should be validated whether they conform to the SDT schema. This could be example definitions or contributions.
- [SDT/schema3.0/build.xml](../build.xml) : This is the definition file for the ant build system.
- [SDT/schema3.0/etc/](../etc/), [SDT/schema3.0/style/](../style/) : internal directories for the build system. Please, don't make unnecessary changes to these files.
- [SDT/schema3.0/etc/](../etc), [SDT/schema3.0/style/](../style/) : internal directories for the build system. Please, don't make unnecessary changes to these files.
	- [SDT/schema3.0/etc/dal.rnc](../etc/dal.rnc) : This file contains various configuration parameter to convert the file [domain.rng](../src/domain.rng) to schema file. **The important parameter to change when changing the namespace or the version number is**:

			default namespace xsl = ""

	- [SDT/schema3.0/etc/schemas.xml](../etc/schemas.xml) : This file contains the header for the schema file. **This must be changed when changing the namespace or the version number.**
- [SDT/schema3.0/lib/](../lib/) : Tasks for the ant-based build system. See also [SDT Build System Components and Licenses](

## Installation
- Install Java on your computer
- Download and install Apache ant from [](
- Clone the SDT repository from GitHub:

		$ git clone
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## How to Use the Build System
After cloning the repository go to the directory *SDT/schema* and run commands depending on what you want to achieve.
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### Build the Schema
Running *ant* without any parameter builds the schema definition from the rng-definition [SDT/schema3.0/src/domain.rng](../src/domain.rng) and writes it to [SDT/schema3.0/src/domain.xsd](../src/domain.xsd)

	$ cd SDT/schema
	$ ant

### Validate SDT Definitions
You can use the build system to validate new SDT definitions or changes made to existing ones by running the following command:

	$ cd SDT/schema
	$ ant validate

The output after a successful validation should look like this:

>[schemavalidate] 2 file(s) have been successfully validated.  
>Total time: 1 second

Otherwise you most likely receive a stack trace or some other error messages. Search the output for the line *BUILD FAILED*. Above this line you will find some helpful hints for the filename and line number on which the error occurred (here: file *mseeb.xml* on line 66) and a reason:	
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>[schemavalidate] /Users/someone/Sources/git/SmartDeviceTemplate/SDT/schema/test/mseeb.xml:66:18: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'Domain'.    
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##  Editing
As mentioned above, the actual schema definition is defined in the file [domain.rng](../src/domain.rng) and converted to the XML schema definition [domain.xsd](../src/domain.xsd) during the build process. 

**All changes to the schema must therefore be made in [domain.rng](../src/domain.rng), NOT [domain.xsd](../src/domain.xsd) !**

You may need to make additional changes in the following files, e.g. when the name space or the version number need to be adjusted.


- [SDT/schema3.0/build.xml](../build.xml)  
e.g. in the *ant* target "validate"
- [SDT/schema3.0/etc/dal.rnc](../etc/dal.rnc)  
e.g. the entry "default namespace xsl"
- [SDT/schema3.0/etc/schema.xmlns](../etc/schema.xmlns)
- [SDT/schema3.0/etc/schemas.xml](../etc/schemas.xml)