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......@@ -116,7 +116,6 @@ Typical *ModuleClasses* might be equivalent to "power ON/OFF", "Open/Close", "Pa
#### Attributes
- **name** : Name of the *ModuleClass*. The name must be unique in the scope of the [Domain](#Domain). Required.
- **optional**: Boolean that indicates whether a *ModuleClass* is optional or mandatory. Optional, the default is *false*.
- **semanticURI** : An attribute that contains a URI to a semantic description of the element. Optional.
- **minOccurs** : An optional string attribute that indicates the minimum cardinality of a *ModuleClass*, for example, in a [DeviceClass](#DeviceClass) definition. Optional. The default is "1".
Note, if only the *minOccurs* attribute is specified, it can't be greater than 1, because the default value for *maxOccurs* is 1.
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