Issue #6 · opened by Yongjing Zhang · ·

Introducing Concept of ‘Product’


-In real life of device manufacturing, there is an important concept of ‘Product’ (or Product Model/Type) for each specific type of devices. E.g. Huawei FIT vs Huawei Watch 2

-A ‘Product’ is NOT the ‘Device Model’ as defined in TS-0023, which is too generic and can be mapped to different vendors’ implementations, NOR a device instance of that ‘device model’ with an instantiated id, date of manufacturing, and the firmware/software version, etc. It can be ‘ordered’ by the customers, but not necessarily instantiated/manufactured.

-A ‘Product’ is a specialized model/type of ‘Device Model’ that has a specific/deterministic implementation - meaning selected Properties/Actions/Events among the optionals, and partially populated values of the properties like the manufacturer id, type, memory size, etc.

-A ‘Product’ may also extend the standardized ‘Device Model’ with additional ‘Modules’.

Suggestion: to introduce the concept of ‘Product’ in SDT4.0

-One (not oneM2M) can use SDT4.0 to specify its own ‘Product Models’ which are specialized from oneM2M ‘Device Models’, use it to generate oneM2M compatible resource mapping in an automated way, and exchange the ‘Product Models’ with business partners.