Issue #9 · opened by Andreas Kraft ·

Overriding and hiding of data points and actions in inModuleClass inheritance

In SDT version 3, when a Module inherits from a ModuleClass, it inherits all the data points, actions etc from its parent.

To support the upcoming Product feature it might be useful to

  • override existing data points etc in order to change, for example, optionality. The overriding could be done explicitly for only a certain number of attributes of a data point, e.g. assigning a new optionality, unit of measure. We could (but I am not sure about this) also support a kind of final state for a data point etc, which would mean that the sub-element must not be changed when subclassing.
  • hide existing (optional) data points etc in order to remove them from a sub-classed ModuleClass. I am not sure how to do this in a simple way. Perhaps we need define a section where all hidden / not-inherited elements are stated.