Missing variant for memberIDs attribute of Group resource

Signed-off-by: Miguel Angel Reina Ortega's avatarreinaortega <miguelangel.reinaortega@etsi.org>
parent 3fa12249
...@@ -4593,7 +4593,7 @@ type record Group ...@@ -4593,7 +4593,7 @@ type record Group
MemberType memberType, MemberType memberType,
XSD.NonNegativeInteger currentNrOfMembers, XSD.NonNegativeInteger currentNrOfMembers,
XSD.PositiveInteger maxNrOfMembers, XSD.PositiveInteger maxNrOfMembers,
record of XSD.AnyURI memberIDs, record length(0 .. infinity) of XSD.AnyURI memberIDs,//TODO A list that can be empty
ListOfURIs membersAccessControlPolicyIDs optional, ListOfURIs membersAccessControlPolicyIDs optional,
XSD.Boolean memberTypeValidated optional, XSD.Boolean memberTypeValidated optional,
ConsistencyStrategy consistencyStrategy optional, ConsistencyStrategy consistencyStrategy optional,
...@@ -7358,6 +7358,7 @@ group OptionalResourceTypes { ...@@ -7358,6 +7358,7 @@ group OptionalResourceTypes {
variant "element"; variant "element";
variant (resourceName) "attribute"; variant (resourceName) "attribute";
variant (announcedAttribute) "list"; variant (announcedAttribute) "list";
variant (memberIDs) "list";
//variant (memberTypeValidated) "text 'true' as '1'"; //variant (memberTypeValidated) "text 'true' as '1'";
//variant (memberTypeValidated) "text 'false' as '0'"; //variant (memberTypeValidated) "text 'false' as '0'";
//variant (semanticSupportIndicator) "text 'true' as '1'"; //variant (semanticSupportIndicator) "text 'true' as '1'";
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