Set local resource CSEBase parentID to empty string in order for codec to set it up to NULL

parent 6c841570
......@@ -1953,7 +1953,7 @@ module OneM2M_Functions {
v_myResource.cSEBase.resourceName := PX_CSE1_NAME;
v_myResource.cSEBase.resourceType := p_resourceType;
v_myResource.cSEBase.resourceID := f_resourceIdCleaner(PX_CSE1_ID);
v_myResource.cSEBase.parentID := omit; //Following TS-0001, it must be NULL
v_myResource.cSEBase.parentID := "";//Following TS-0001, it must be NULL. Set to a value for Codec to set it to null
v_myResource.cSEBase.creationTime := fx_generateTimestamp();
v_myResource.cSEBase.creationTime := "20171231T012345";
v_myResource.cSEBase.lastModifiedTime := v_myResource.cSEBase.creationTime;
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