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/.project /.project
* Copyright Notification
* No part of this document may be reproduced, in an electronic retrieval system or otherwise, except as authorized by written permission.
* The copyright and the foregoing restriction extend to reproduction in all media.
* © 2016, oneM2M Partners Type 1 (ARIB, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TIA, TSDSI, TTA, TTC).
* All rights reserved.
* @author ETSI
* @version $URL: $
* $Id: OneM2M_Testcases.ttcn 347 2017-08-11 08:48:20Z reinaortega $
* @desc Module containing test cases for oneM2M
module OneM2M_Testcases_CSE_Release_2_SEC_STF531 {
import from OneM2M_TestSystem all;
import from OneM2M_Templates all;
import from OneM2M_Types all;//{type XSD.ID};
import from OneM2M_TypesAndValues all;
import from OneM2M_Pixits all;
import from LibCommon_Time all;
import from OneM2M_Pics all;
import from OneM2M_Functions all;
import from OneM2M_PermutationFunctions all;
import from XSD all;
//Demos used for validation purposes
group oneM2M_demos {
group helpingTestCases {//These are not part of the test suite, just for verification purposes
testcase TC_DELETE_RESOURCES() runs on AeSimu system CseSystem {
timer t_ac := 5.0;
var integer i;
var XSD.ID v_resourceAddress;
var RequestPrimitive v_request;
map(self:mcaPort, system:mcaPort);
for (i:=0; i<lengthof(PX_RESOURCES_TO_BE_DELETED); i:= i+1) {
v_resourceAddress := f_getResourceAddress() & "/" & PX_RESOURCES_TO_BE_DELETED[i];
v_request := valueof(m_delete(v_resourceAddress, PX_SUPER_AE_ID));
alt {
[] mcaPort.receive(mw_response(mw_responsePrimitiveOK)) {
log(__SCOPE__ & ":Resource deleted");
[] mcaPort.receive(mw_response(mw_responsePrimitiveKO)) {
log(__SCOPE__ & ":Error while deleting resource");
[] mcaPort.receive {
log(__SCOPE__ & ":Unexpected message received");
[] t_ac.timeout {
log(__SCOPE__ & ":No answer while deleting resource");
unmap(self:mcaPort, system:mcaPort);
}//end group helpingTestCases
}//end group oneM2M_demos
group CSE {
group ESPrim {
testcase TC_CSE_ESC_001() runs on AeSimu system CseSystem {
var MsgIn v_response;
var integer v_aeIndex := -1;
var template RequestPrimitive v_requestNotify := m_notifyEmpty;
//Test component configuration
// Test adapter configuration
// Preamble
v_aeIndex := f_cse_preamble_registerAe();//c_CRUDNDi);
v_requestNotify.primitiveContent := {securityInfo := m_contentSecurityInfo(int6)};
v_requestNotify.primitiveContent.securityInfo.escertkeMessage := ''O;
} // end of group ESPrim
}//end group CSE
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