Subscription group verification:

- AE2 PTC integrated into AeSimu component
- AE2 PTC initialization integrated into f_cf01 functions
- Addition of URI element to Representation type
- Verification of all SUB test cases
Signed-off-by: Miguel Angel Reina Ortega's avatarMiguel Angel Reina Ortega <>
parent 977bb88f
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......@@ -37,9 +37,10 @@ module OneM2M_TestSystem {
var integer vc_aeAuxIndex;//TODO To be removed
var integer vc_acpAuxIndex;
var AccessControlPolicy_optional vc_acpAux;
type component AeSimu extends Tester {
var AeSimu vc_ae2;
port OneM2MPort mcaPort;
port OneM2MPort mcaPortIn;
......@@ -49,8 +50,10 @@ module OneM2M_TestSystem {
var MsgIn vc_request;
var MsgIn vc_response;
var CseSimu vc_cseSimu;//For CF02 when AeSimu is master
var boolean vc_auxiliaryAe2Up := false;
//var AeSimu vc_ae2;
type component CseSimu extends Tester {
port OneM2MPort mcaPort;
......@@ -62,7 +65,7 @@ module OneM2M_TestSystem {
var integer vc_remoteCseIndex;
var MsgIn vc_request;
var MsgIn vc_response;
type component InCseSimu extends CseSimu {}
......@@ -3242,10 +3242,12 @@ module OneM2M_Types {
// TODO To be added
type union Representation {
Resource_2 resource,
ResponsePrimitive responsePrimitive
ResponsePrimitive responsePrimitive,
with {
variant "name as 'representation'";
variant (uRI) "name as capitalized";
type record Notification_1
......@@ -3618,12 +3620,12 @@ module OneM2M_Types {
type record ResourceWrapper
type record ResourceWrapper//Make of union elements type _optional
union {
AccessControlPolicy accessControlPolicy,
AccessControlPolicy_optional accessControlPolicy,
ActiveCmdhPolicy activeCmdhPolicy,
AE aE,
AE_optional aE,
AreaNwkDeviceInfo areaNwkDeviceInfo,
AreaNwkInfo areaNwkInfo,
Battery battery,
......@@ -3635,36 +3637,36 @@ module OneM2M_Types {
CmdhNetworkAccessRules cmdhNetworkAccessRules,
CmdhNwAccessRule cmdhNwAccessRule,
CmdhPolicy cmdhPolicy,
Container container,
ContentInstance contentInstance,
CSEBase cSEBase,
Delivery delivery,
Container_optional container,
ContentInstance_optional contentInstance,
CSEBase_optional cSEBase,
Delivery_optional delivery,
DeviceCapability deviceCapability,
DeviceInfo deviceInfo,
EventConfig eventConfig,
EventLog eventLog,
ExecInstance execInstance,
Firmware firmware,
Group group_,
LocationPolicy locationPolicy,
M2mServiceSubscriptionProfile m2mServiceSubscriptionProfile,
Group_optional group_,
LocationPolicy_optional locationPolicy,
M2mServiceSubscriptionProfile_optional m2mServiceSubscriptionProfile,
Memory memory,
MgmtCmd mgmtCmd,
Node node,
MgmtCmd_optional mgmtCmd,
Node_optional node,
Notification notification,
PollingChannel pollingChannel,
PollingChannel_optional pollingChannel,
Reboot reboot,
RemoteCSE remoteCSE,
Request request,
RemoteCSE_optional remoteCSE,
Request_optional request,
RequestPrimitive requestPrimitive,
ResponsePrimitive responsePrimitive,
Schedule schedule,
ServiceSubscribedAppRule serviceSubscribedAppRule,
ServiceSubscribedNode serviceSubscribedNode,
Schedule_optional schedule,
ServiceSubscribedAppRule_optional serviceSubscribedAppRule,
ServiceSubscribedNode_optional serviceSubscribedNode,
Software software,
StatsCollect statsCollect,
StatsConfig statsConfig,
Subscription subscription
StatsCollect_optional statsCollect,
StatsConfig_optional statsConfig,
Subscription_optional subscription
} choice,
......@@ -209,9 +209,9 @@ variant "XSD:double";
// Time types
type charstring Duration (pattern
"{dash}#(,1)P({nums}(Y({nums}(M({nums}D{durTime}#(,1)|{durTime}#(,1))|D{durTime}#(,1))|" &
type charstring Duration //(pattern TODO Check the pattern "PT5S" not matching
//"{dash}#(,1)P({nums}(Y({nums}(M({nums}D{durTime}#(,1)|{durTime}#(,1))|D{durTime}#(,1))|" &
with {
variant "XSD:duration";
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