Issue #55 · opened by Subhash Gajare ·

TC_CSE_REG_RET_009, TC_CSE_REG_DEL_004 timed out after required action "Please, send a CSE registration request"

While MN Testing for release 1, TC_CSE_REG_RET_009 TC_CSE_REG_DEL_004 fails with the message "Reason: "f_cse_registrationRemoteCse:INFO: No request received for creating resource type remoteCSE" after timedout. Test case requires an action of "Please, send a CSE registration request", but when the request is not received, it times out and throws the above mentioned error.

The request should be received from the CSE. but in this case it doesnot receive any request and therefore test system cannot process further, but timed out.