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Merge branch 'MAS-2018-0135-SDT_4_0_-_Introducing_void_data_type_to_BasicType'...

Merge branch 'MAS-2018-0135-SDT_4_0_-_Introducing_void_data_type_to_BasicType' into WI-0081-Smart_Device_Template_4_0
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......@@ -556,6 +556,7 @@ If not stated otherwise datatypes should comply to the equivalent datatypes defi
- **datetime** : A time value as defined in []( .
- **blob** : A blob value represents a binary object. The internal encoding is transparent and not defined here. The binary object must be encoded conforming to []( .
- **uri** : A URI that represents a Uniform Resource Identifier Reference (URI) as defined by as defined in [RFC 2396]( and amended in [RFC 2732]( .
- **void** : The data type *void* represents the absence of a value. This data type can be used for [Actions](#Action) that don't return any value.
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