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Copyright 2018, oneM2M Partners Type 1
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Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
......@@ -17,24 +17,24 @@ The Smart Device Template (SDT) is a template which is used to model the capabil
[Read the full Introduction.](SDT/schema4.0/docs/
## Quick Links
- [UML Diagram of the SDT 4.0](SDT/schema4.0/docs/ ([source](SDT/schema4.0/docs/SDT_UML.uxf)) : This UML diagram desribes the various components of the SDT and their relations.
- [UML Diagram of the SDT 4.0](SDT/schema4.0/docs/ ([Umlet source](SDT/schema4.0/docs/SDT_UML.uxf)) : This UML diagram describes the various components of the SDT and their relations.
- ['domain.xsd' Version 4.0](SDT/schema4.0/src/domain.xsd) : This is the XSD schema file that defines the SDT XML Schema.
## Documentation
You can find further Information here:
- [Introduction to the SDT](SDT/schema4.0/docs/
- [SDT Components](SDT/schema4.0/docs/
- [JSON Serializatoin](SDT/schema4.0/docs/ TODO
- [JSON Serialization](SDT/schema4.0/docs/ TODO
- [Examples](SDT/schema4.0/docs/
- [SDT Build System](SDT/schema4.0/docs/
## Further Readings
- [Links & References](SDT/schema4.0/docs/
- [Changelog](SDT/schema4.0/docs/
- [SDT Build System Components and Licenses](SDT/schema4.0/docs/
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