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# RWD050
Repository for the Smart Home Device Template (SDT).
Note that this project runs under Apache 2.0 license. Read the license in this repository, or refer to
Note that this project runs under Apache 2.0 license. Read the [LICENSE](LICENSE) in this repository, or refer to [](
Any contributions made to this project must comply with the forementioned license.
You can find further Information here:
- [SDT Build System](
# SDT Build System
This document describes the SDT build system and how to build the SDT and validate new contributions.
## Directory Structure and Important Files
- [SDT/schema/](SDT/schema/) : Base directory
- [SDT/schema/src/](SDT/schema/src/) : Source files of the SDT.
- [domain.rng](SDT/schema/src/domain.rng) : RELAX NG file with the SDT schema definition. This is the source file that is converted to the actual schema definition *domain.xsd* during the build. See also [](
**Only edit this file when one wants to make changes to the SDT!**
- [domain.xsd](SDT/schema/src/domain.xsd) : The SDT schema defintion that is generated from *domain.rng*.
- [xml.xsd](SDT/schema/src/xml.xsd) : General schema definitions for the SDT
- [SDT/test/](SDT/test/) : This directory contains all XML files with SDT definitions that should be validated whether they conform to the SDT schema. This could be example definitions or contributions.
- [SDT/schema/build.xml](SDT/schema/build.xml) : This is the definition file for the ant build system.
- [SDT/schema/etc/](SDT/schema/etc/), [SDT/schema/lib/](SDT/schema/lib/), [SDT/schema/style/](SDT/schema/style/) : internal directories for the build system. Please, don't make unnecessary changes to these files.
## Installation
- Install Java on your computer
- Download and install Apache ant from [](
- Clone the SDT repository from GitHub:
git clone
## How to Use the Build System
After cloning the repository go to the directoy *SDT/schema* and run commands depending on what you want to achieve.
### Build the Schema
Running *ant* without any parameter builds the schema definition from the rng-definition [SDT/schema/src/domain.rng](SDT/schema/src/domain.rng) and writes it to [SDT/schema/src/domain.xsd](SDT/schema/src/domain.xsd)
$ cd SDT/schema
$ ant
### Validate SDT Definitions
You can use the build system to validate new SDT definitions or changes made to existing ones by running the following command:
$ cd SDT/schema
$ ant validate
The last lines of the many screens full of output you receive should look something like this:
>[schemavalidate] 2 file(s) have been successfully validated.
>Total time: 1 second
Otherwise you most likely receive a stacktrace. Search the output for the line *BUILD FAILED*. Above this line you will find some helpful hints for the filename and line number on which the error occured (here: file *mseeb.xml* on line 66) and a reason:
>[schemavalidate] /Users/someone/Sources/git/RWD050/SDT/schema/test/mseeb.xml:66:18: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'Domain'.
\ No newline at end of file
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