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Smart Device Template

Repository for the Smart Device Template (SDT).

Version 3.0

Note that this project runs under Apache 2.0 license. Read the LICENSE in this repository, or refer to

Any contributions made to this project must comply with the aforementioned license.

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You can find further Information here:

Changes in 3.0

  • Renamed <RootDevice>to <Device> and <Device> to <SubDevice>,
  • Added complex data types: Struct and Arrays.
  • Simplified the UML diagram. Split the UML diagram into two parts, one for the base elements and one for the data types.
  • In the UML diagram: Moved <extends> into the UML <ModuleClass> element (easier to read).
  • Added support to specify Units of Measurement to data types,
  • Added <Doc> to <Domain> and other elements.
  • <Doc> is now always the first part of an element.
  • Changed <DeviceInfo> element to a list of <Characteristic>.
  • Added <Characteristic> list to <Modules> and <ModuleClasses>.
  • The <data> element in <Event> is now optional to support events without attached or associated data.
  • In Actions: Added <Args> as a surrounding list around a list of <Arg>.
  • Added Constraints to <DataType>.
  • Added optional name attribute to <DataType>. This mandatory for elements of a struct.
  • Restructured the RNG file for better readability and maintainability.
  • In the RNG/XSD: Changed cardinality of the occurrence of elements that are part of a list of elements (e.g. <SubDevices><SubDevice>…</SubDevice></SubDevices> from „zero or more“ to „one or more“ when the surrounding list element itself is optional (to avoid empty lists).

Changes in 2.0.1

  • Added missing "uri" data type.

Changes in 2.0

  • Introduced RootDevice to support hierarchical embedded devices.
  • Added new data types (byte, float, array, enum, date, time, datetime, blob, uri)
  • Added readable and eventable to data points.
  • Added optional <SerialNumber>, <VendorURL> and <FirmwareVersion> elements to DeviceInfo
  • Added optional <Doc> element to Event
  • Changed the optionality of the <DataPoint>'s type attribute to "required".
  • Added UML diagram
  • Changed the namespace for the XSD from "" to "".