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......@@ -4,3 +4,40 @@ oneM2M-schemas
This is a private repository for developing oneM2M xsd files
The default branch will initially contain a "0.80" version of the files, mathching the 0.8 version of TS-0004
Further work / questions on the schemas is listed here. Many of these need CRs against TS-0004
Look at the way that IDs are represented in the schemas
Do we need to give explicit names to all the types currently defined in the file?
Should some or all of theses types go into CDT-CommonTypes or CDT-Enumerations?
Since accessControlOperation is an enumerated integer type, we could represent accessControlOperationList as a list of simple types. This would be shorter than having it as a complex type.
Look at definition of accessControlOriginators
What values go in latest and oldest if there are no child resources?
Should <containerAnnc> be allowed to have <contentInstanceAnnc> as a child resource?
Should the eventNotificationCriteria type be moved in to Common Types? (i.e. is it used anywhere else?
Add or update definitions of the following types:
resultContent, statusCode, requestStatus, attribute, notificationCongestionPolicy
Does m2m:memberType need to be different from m2m:resourceType? Can we remove it?
Sort out the two m2m:operation types
Better name for listOfBoolean (it isn't a list)
General revision and checking required (defer this until after the other XSD files are complete)
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