Commit 3d96bd2e authored by Miguel Angel Reina Ortega's avatar Miguel Angel Reina Ortega
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Improvement of TC_CSE_DMR_UPD_006: setting acpi of the target resource instead of its parent

Signed-off-by: Miguel Angel Reina Ortega's avatarreinaortega <>
parent 1df67213
......@@ -5498,10 +5498,14 @@ module OneM2M_PermutationFunctions {
// Preamble
v_acpAuxIndex := f_cse_preamble_createAcpAux(-, int59);//c_CRDNDi)
v_aeIndex := f_cse_preamble_registerAe({f_getResourceId(vc_resourcesList[v_acpAuxIndex].resource)}, -);//c_CRDNDi);
v_aeIndex := f_cse_preamble_registerAe(-, -);
f_cse_preamble_subscriptionVerification(v_ae2Index, p_createRequestPrimitive, p_resourceType);
if(p_resourceType != int1) {
p_createRequestPrimitive := f_setAcpId(p_createRequestPrimitive,{f_getResourceId(vc_resourcesList[v_acpAuxIndex].resource)});//c_CRDNDi);
v_resourceIndex := f_cse_createResource(p_resourceType, p_createRequestPrimitive, v_aeIndex);
// Test Body
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