Commit 53b36214 authored by Miguel Angel Reina Ortega's avatar Miguel Angel Reina Ortega
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Small fix for TC_CSE_NBR_ASY_003_UPD - Using the local variable instead of template

Signed-off-by: Miguel Angel Reina Ortega's avatarreinaortega <>
parent 96f3332c
......@@ -4739,7 +4739,7 @@ module OneM2M_Testcases_CSE_Release_2 {
v_updateRequest.primitiveContent.container.labels := v_labels_1;
v_ae1.start(f_CSE_NBR_ASY_003(m_updateContainerBase, m_createContainerBase, int2004)); //Update Container
v_ae1.start(f_CSE_NBR_ASY_003(v_updateRequest, m_createContainerBase, int2004)); //Update Container
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