Commit 834695b0 authored by Miguel Angel Reina Ortega's avatar Miguel Angel Reina Ortega
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TC_CSE_DMR_DEL_001 - Addition of the check for verifying the correct deletion of the resource

Signed-off-by: Miguel Angel Reina Ortega's avatarMiguel Angel Reina Ortega <>
parent 2cddce2f
......@@ -12080,6 +12080,15 @@ module OneM2M_Testcases {
setverdict(fail, __SCOPE__ & ": No answer while deleting resource type " & int2str(enum2int(p_resourceType)));
//Check to see if the resource is present or not
if (f_isResourcePresent(v_resourceIndex)){
setverdict(fail, __SCOPE__ & ":INFO: Resource not deleted");
} else {
setverdict(pass, __SCOPE__ & ":ERROR: Resource deleted");
// Postamble
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