Commit aad54b3b authored by Miguel Angel Reina Ortega's avatar Miguel Angel Reina Ortega
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Fix to convert from unichar to char for acPrimitive parameter

parent ee55f6ff
......@@ -5570,7 +5570,7 @@ module OneM2M_Functions {
//Calculate the SP-Relative-AE-ID following format defined in TS-0010 MQTT
v_aeResourceAddress := f_getResourceAddress(p_aeIndex, e_nonHierarchical, e_spRelative);
if(vc_resourcesList[p_aeIndex].resource.aE.aE_ID[0] == "S") {
v_spRelativeAeIdForMqtt := f_resourceIdCleaner(v_aeResourceAddress);
v_spRelativeAeIdForMqtt := oct2char(unichar2oct(f_resourceIdCleaner(v_aeResourceAddress)));
} else {
v_spRelativeAeIdForMqtt := f_getSpRelativeAeIdForMqtt(v_aeResourceAddress);
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