Commit c965a4b8 authored by Miguel Angel Reina Ortega's avatar Miguel Angel Reina Ortega
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Merge branch 'Release1' of into Release1

parents b552eb51 a3bbc305
......@@ -14999,7 +14999,7 @@ module OneM2M_Testcases_CSE {
testcase TC_CSE_DMR_UPD_016_ACP_ET() runs on Tester system CseSystem {
var AeSimu v_ae1 := AeSimu.create("AE1") alive;
var Timestamp v_expirationTime := "20001231T012345";
var Timestamp v_expirationTime := "21001231T012345";
var template RequestPrimitive v_updateRequest := m_updateAcpBase;
var ResponsePrimitive v_responsePrimitive;
var PrimitiveContent v_primitiveContentRetrieveResource;
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