Commit fef1266e authored by Miguel Angel Reina Ortega's avatar Miguel Angel Reina Ortega
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f_AE_GEN_CRE_001 corrected

Signed-off-by: Miguel Angel Reina Ortega's avatarMiguel Angel Reina Ortega <>
parent f6f5f1ea
......@@ -83,13 +83,13 @@ module OneM2M_Testcases_AE {
//Send Trigger Message
v_utRequest.to_ := f_getResourceAddress(-1, e_nonHierarchical, p_primitiveScope);
v_utRequest.to_ := f_getLocalResourceAddress(-1, e_nonHierarchical, p_primitiveScope);
v_utRequest.from_ := "UNINITIALIZED";
f_sendUtPrimitive(v_utRequest, v_action);
alt {
[] mcaPortIn.receive(mw_request(mw_createContainer(omit,v_utRequest.to_))) {
[] mcaPortIn.receive(mw_request(mw_createContainer(-,v_utRequest.to_))) {
setverdict(pass, __SCOPE__, " : Container creation request received successfuly");
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