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 *  Copyright Notification
 *  No part of this document may be reproduced, in an electronic retrieval system or otherwise, except as authorized by written permission.
 *  The copyright and the foregoing restriction extend to reproduction in all media.
 *  © 2016, oneM2M Partners Type 1 (ARIB, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TIA, TSDSI, TTA, TTC).
 *  All rights reserved.
 *  @author     oneM2M
 *  @version    $URL: $
 *              $Id: OneM2M_Pixits.ttcn 312 2017-06-27 07:39:17Z reinaortega $
 *  @desc       Module containing Pixits for oneM2M
module OneM2M_Pixits {
	import from XSD all;
	import from OneM2M_Types all;
	group TestAdapterParameters {}

	modulepar boolean PX_DELETE_CREATED_RESOURCES 	:= true;
	modulepar XSD.AnyURI PX_RESOURCE_TO_BE_DELETED 	:= "/ae_test";
	modulepar XSD.IDREFS PX_RESOURCES_TO_BE_DELETED := {"/ae_test", "/MyAcp"};
	modulepar charstring PX_SUT_ADDRESS 			:= "";
	modulepar charstring PX_AE1_ADDRESS				:= "";
	modulepar charstring PX_AE2_ADDRESS				:= "";
	modulepar charstring PX_CSE1_ADDRESS			:= "";
	modulepar charstring PX_XML_NAMESPACE 			:= "m2m=""""";
	modulepar XSD.ID PX_CSE_NAME 				:= "cseName";
	modulepar XSD.ID PX_CSE_ID 					:= "cseId";
	modulepar XSD.ID PX_SP_ID					:= "";
	modulepar XSD.ID PX_CSE1_ID					:= "MyCSEId";
	modulepar XSD.ID PX_CSE_RESOURCE_ID			:= "cseResourceId";
	modulepar XSD.ID PX_AE1_ID_STEM				:= "";
	modulepar XSD.ID PX_AE2_ID_STEM				:= "";
	modulepar XSD.ID PX_SUPER_USER				:= "admin:admin";
	modulepar XSD.ID PX_APP_ID 					:= "myAppId";
	modulepar boolean PX_RUN_POSTAMBLE 				:= true;
	modulepar ListOfURIs PX_ACOR 					:= {"*"};
	modulepar AddressingMethod PX_ADDRESSING_METHOD := e_hierarchical;
	modulepar PrimitiveScope PX_PRIMITIVE_SCOPE 	:= e_cseRelative;
	modulepar charstring PX_SERIALIZATION			:= "XML";
	modulepar charstring PX_PROTOCOL_BINDING 		:= "HTTP";
	modulepar boolean PX_FROM_IS_AE_ID 				:= true;
	//for checking whether the locationPolicy creation request is originated from a ASN-AE
	//NOTE: Apply to Device-based location request, and this requires Test System (TS) to activate ASN-AE mode to test IUT  	
	modulepar boolean PX_IUT_IS_ASN_CSE				:= false; //default //set it to true when running Device-based location testcases 	
	modulepar boolean PX_IUT_IS_MN_CSE				:= false; //default //set it to true when running Share-based location testcases
	//constant parameters for LOC  
	modulepar charstring PX_LOCATION_UPDATE_PERIOD			:= "PT10M10S" ;//10 Minute 10 Seconds
	modulepar charstring PX_LOCATION_CONTAINER_NAME		:= "myLoContainer";
	modulepar Labels PX_LABELS := {"VALUE_1"}; 	
	modulepar boolean PX_IS_LOC_CONTAINER	:= false;//default //set it to true when the container is created to store location information
	modulepar PoaList PX_POA := {""};
	modulepar ResourceTypeList_1 PX_SRT := {int1, int2, int3, int4};
}  // end of module