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oneM2M MAS WG HAIM Schemas

This repository contains the schemas for oneM2M's MAS Home Domain Abstract Information Model.

Latest Version

The latest schema version is 3.7.0.

Directory Structure

The schema directories contain the following objects:

  • xsd/ : This sub-directory contains the XSD files for Devices, Sub-Devices, ModuleClasss, and Actions as well as necessary include files for common types and enumeration types for the home domain.
  • SDT-TS0023-Devices.xml : The Devices and Sub-devices of TS-0023 in SDT XML format.
  • SDT-TS0023-ModuleClasses.xml : The ModuleClasses of TS-0023 in SDT XML format.
  • shortnames.csv : The list of identifiers used in the XSD and their short name equivalents.